The Natural History Museum has been at the forefront of conservation research in Nigeria. Some of the major scientific researches conducted are as follows:

  • Characterization of a glass and beadmaking tradition of the Yoruba. This has been adjudged the most comprehensive research on ancient glass chemistry in Africa.
  • Provenance studies on soapstone statues in archaeological context.
  • Provenance studies and materials characterization of ancient ceramic objects.
  • Taxonomy of Reservoir fishes in Osun State of Nigeria
  • Classification and characterization of the genus vernonia in Nigeria and parts of West Africa
  • Technological evaluation of ancient metallurgical advances of the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria.
  • Complete classification of phyllosilicates and geochemical evolution of rocks of the schist belt of southwestern Nigeria.
  • Taxonomic evaluation by morphometric and molecular analyses of rodents and other small mammals from various vegetation belts across Nigeria.
  • Genetic studies and classification of the rice genus oryza
  • Archaeological / Anthropological survey of natural, cultural and historical sites for tourism development in Nigeria.
  • Inventory of geological, biological, anthropological and archaeological diversity of Idanre Hills, Ondo State of Nigeria.
  • Multidisciplinary survey of Igbo – Oje abandoned settlement in Ogbomoso South Local Government area of Oyo State of Nigeria
  • Bioecological studies on Honeybees of Southwestern Nigeria.
  • Faunistic inventory of orb-weaving Spiders in Southwestern Nigeria
  • Mosquito-rock-aquatic plant association of Southwestern Nigeria.